Sad Valentine’s Day

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As Sienna gets older, it’s starting to becoming more apparent to her that she’s different than her colleagues.  While her twin came home with a bag full of valentine’s and candies, Sienna didn’t receive any valentine’s from her peers.  She was very sad.  So, Mimi, Mommy and Daddy stepped in to make her feel special.

3 thoughts on “Sad Valentine’s Day

  1. I am reading your story for the first time. It does break our hearts as parents to see how hurtful our children’s peers can be. We have a healthy teenage daughter, about to enter 12th grade. We are Hispanic and she is the only Hispanic child in the k-12 Christian School that she attends. She has been dealing with be left out since day one of kindergarden. Very often she hears her classmates call each other “you’re so Mexican” and it isn’t meant as a compliment. Though she is now 17 and on the verge of adulthood, it still hurts, along with being left out of some of the social activities. I keep telling her to hold on until she gets to college, things will be better. You are doing the right thing by giving her a lot of support at home. We love a Christian song that is titled “Stand In The Rain”. In reminds us so much of what our daughter has gone through. Just last night, at youth group in church, a group of students were talking about tanning. One of my daughter’s classmate, a girl who has gone to school with our daughter since kindergarden, told a boy to be careful with tanning because by summer he would look like a Mexican. As we prayed before going to bed, we both cried about it and prayed for her classmates. Sinny will be in our prayers. Though she has a long way to go, college will be different. I am the office manager for an academic department at our local unversity. We had a little person going through our program. She has since graduated but Sarah and her fellow classmates in our department all respected each other and as far as I know nobody was ever disrespectful toward her. Of course there will always be the exceptions in the world but Sinny will be brave and strong. I just know it. Blessings

  2. This breaks my heart. In our schools here where I live in MN, if a child wants to bring Valentines and treats, they need to bring them for EVERY child in the class. If I were you, I would suggest that to your schools to save other kids from the same heartache.

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