Twin Comparison

Transferred from her blog on another location:
Hi!  Sienna’s mom here.  I took over Sienna’s blog for a minute to express some things.  Recently, I was able to witness the interaction between Sienna, her twin and a little girl who was the same age.  It sadened me to see the annoyance in the little girl’s face when she spoke to Sienna.  She had never been around a child so different and was certainly more comfortable being around Sienna’s twin.  I was so proud of Sienna in that she didn’t miss a beat.  She continued to be her spunky, giving and genuine self.

Comment transferred: Stacy Manning  Wed, 18 Aug 2010 10:48:19

It’s so unfortunate how some parents don’t teach their children to be kind to others who are not the same as themselves. Im sure Sienna is very loving and would love for the opportunity to meet her!

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