Sienna took her first “regular” TAKS test this week. She was very nervous about it. She practiced and studied. To add to her sense of anxiety, she accidentally broke her glasses the weekend before the test. Eeks!
We had to think of something. We took the glasses to be repaired, but they weren’t able to repair them. They didn’t make her model of frames anymore either, so there wasn’t any time to order a new model of frames. They used a spare part from some other similarly sized glasses to “fix” them. It wasn’t fashionable and barely set straight on her face. I felt so bad for her. Not only was she nervous, but now she had to feel self conscious about her “special” glasses.
In typical Sienna spirit, she went to school focusing on the positive. I let her buy breakfast at school since she considers that a treat.
She feels like she did well on her tests and is glad that it’s done! Now to order her some new glasses–hopefully we can find something cute that’s still in her “signature red”. 🙂

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