Trouble in the Bathroom

We took the kids to the movies tonight. Thankfully they had the booster seats for Sienna. I wasn’t surprised that they had it, though. It’s pretty typical for them to have something to accommodate children. However, there was something they missed.
I see it almost everywhere we go.

Bathroom woes.

Sometimes toilets are too high for Sienna. Doors are too heavy and there isn’t a handicap automated button to push. The worst, though, in my opinion is the inability to properly wash her hands.

The sink may not be too high, but she can’t reach the knobs or soap or she isn’t strong enough to use them. If only they had a step stool.

I wanted to see how Sienna would deal with it. As she began to climb on the counter to reach the soap and faucet I noticed two women looking at Sienna as if they were thinking, “Who is this unruly child who’s mother has left her in here alone?” What am I to say, “She’s not a toddler. She’s a dwarf!” I digress. 🙂

So, what do we do? I’m not one for forced accommodation for everyone’s likings, but I wonder about the ability to practice proper hygiene. Of course I focus on teaching Sienna to find a way to get around the daily challenges she faces, but is there a point where I should step up and ask that others look outside their tall box and see what little things they might be able to do that would make a huge difference to someone like Sienna.

Am I being an over protective mama bear? Am I being too sensitive? I think I will explore this issue a bit more and speak for Sienna and others like her. Being able to properly wash your hands affects more than just the Little People.



So, today both of the girls had a choir competition and their choirs are competing against each other. Sienna said to me, ” How does it feel to have twins competing against each other?” I said, “Well, it’s kind of good because either way my kid wins. Heehee” She chuckled and went on to discussing the next school year. “Should I do choir next year?” I replied, “Absolutely! We’ll just need to get your dress custom made.” She said, “Why?” Amused I replied, “Because you’re a dwarf, Sweety.” In Sienna’s usual matter-of-fact attitude about her dwarfism she said, “Oh yea, good point.” Hahaha