Family Time


The girls say that having a twin is great because you have an automatic buddy. Here they are playing with the Photobooth on the IPad. Good times! ūüôā


Check Your Message

 As the girls and I watched a particular talent show last night, something disturbing hit me. 

I had never really sat down to watch the show, as we really don’t watch a whole lot of television, but I¬†knew this show was touted as a family show.¬† The show began with one particular performer who was dressed severely out of the “norm”.¬† Once he began to “perform”, it was clear that he was not brought on the show for his talent.¬† I can only presume, he was brought on stage as a way of eliciting laughs from the audience.

I thought, “Is this man part of the joke?¬† Does he know he’s supposed to make people laugh?” or, like many of the clearly not vocally talented people seen at the beginning of a popular singing competition, “Does he actually think he has this particular¬†talent and is pursuing his dream?”

Now, I know that there are plenty of comedians who make wonderful livings by being “fools” on stage, purposefully saying foolish things or doing silly acts.¬† So, if that were the case here, okay.¬† I can deal with that.¬† If his talent is acting silly to entertain, then okay.

However, if that’s not the case and this man was genuinely brought out on stage to be laughed at, I have a huge problem with that.¬† What message does that send our children?

The show has some incredibly talented people.¬† Why can’t we focus on them?

The girls and I discussed the show.¬† We weren’t able to come to a conclusion about whether or not he was purposefully being foolish, but we did agree that if he was brought out to be made fun of, it was mean and unnecessary.

What do you think?

Special is Good

Over the years, I’ve had many conversations about why there are people with medical issues.

Shortly after finding out that I was having twins and that one had medical issues, I remember¬†a particular conversation with someone.¬† They were asking why God would punish babies by “making” them have medical issues.¬†

Another conversation was with a parent who had recently found out that their daughter had a particular syndrome and would not live a “normal” life.¬† They kept talking about all the things their daughter wouldn’ get to do and how “sad” her life would be.

I’m quite passionate with my¬†responses to these particular conversations and others like them.¬† Most anyone who knows me, knows that my faith in God is what has shaped my personality and my ability to know that there is a bigger plan, a bigger picture and that in everything there really is good.¬† However, even if you don’t have a strong faith, why would you want to look at life from a negative perspective?

Special children aren’t being punished.¬† The parents aren’t being punished.¬† Special children are a great blessing.¬†I don’t know any special¬†children who aren’t happy. ¬†Their attitudes are phenomenal.¬† Their spirits are engaging and their smiles are contagious.¬† I consider it a true gift to have been given a special child.¬†

To the parents who said¬†they were angry¬†about all the things their child wasn’t going to be able to do, I encouraged them to realize that they weren’t actually angry for her.¬† They were angry for themselves.¬† They said their daughter was extremely happy.¬† So, I reminded them that if they don’t focus on what she would be missing, neither will she.

As with everything in life, you can either chose to focus on the negative or you can focus on the positive.

And as the old saying goes, “When much is given, much is expected.”¬† As a parent who was blessed with a special child, it is my duty to share Sienna’s contagious, joyious spirit.¬† May her positive outlook on life remind you that just because you may think something is a negative, it doesn’t have to be that way.¬† It’s all in how you look at it.

Join the Equal Bathroom Access Movement

As Sienna gets older and more independent, she’s finding that she has difficulty accessing soaps, sinks and hand drying towels/blowers in many bathrooms. She, and other Little People, shouldn’t need to rely on others to pick them up in order to have access to proper hygeine in restrooms.

This may have been attempted before, but I’m going to give it a whirl anyway. I developed a Facebook page as a way of showing interest in seeing the equal access given.

If you have any suggestions on how I can go about getting this done, I’d love to hear from you!

Join the movement on Facebook!  If you have problems with the link.  Go on Facebook and search for Equal Restroom Access for Little People.