Always Making Us Laugh

Sienna always has a great way of looking at things and she always makes us laugh.

Today I let her know that next week we were going to have some blood drawn as part of the DNA study that the Scottish Rite Hospital was doing.  (They’re trying to identify the gene mutation and hopefully be able to put a name to the type of Primordial Dwarfism she has.)

So here’s how the conversation went after I told the girls:

     Sierra: What?  Is that going to hurt?  How much blood are they going to take?

     Me: Just a little.  It’s very little blood.

     Sierra: Will I get my blood back?

     Me: Yes, your body can recoup the blood loss and you’ll be fine.  You’ll have a cookie right after and you’ll be fine.

     Sienna: Cookie?  Cool.  I’ll do it if I get a cookie.

LOL.  She’s such a nut.  We love her humor!

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