Scottish Rite

The wonderful nurses from the Genetic Department at The Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas drove all the way to us today to get our blood samples for their DNA tests.  I’m so excited about the work they’re doing.  It’s so neat to think that we could be possibly playing a part in scientific discovery.

Sienna was up first.  She sat down, a bit nervous.  One of the nurses talked to about one of her favorite subjects–Justin Bieber–while the other one took the sample.  Before she knew it; it was done.  She looked up and said, “Oh, you’re done?”  She didn’t even notice.  As promised, I got her a cookie and her beloved chocolate almond milk.  She actually only ate about half of the cookie because she saw the pear I was eating and wanted some of it instead.  Smart kid. 🙂

Then it was Sierra’s turn.  Not having had as much experience being prodded and poked like Sienna has had, Sierra was pretty nervous.  She had seen just how much blood was taken from Sienna.

She sat down on the chair and tried to remain calm.  They nurses did just like they did with Sienna.  One tried to distract, while the other drew the blood.  Just as she got the needle in, Sierra’s eyes rolled to the back of her head.  She was out.

It had been a long time since I had seen her pass out and Sienna had never seen it.  Sienna sat there stunned.  She got worried once Sierra started convulsing.

After a brief time, Sierra was coming back to.  She stared at me, gave a crooked smile and said, “What happened? Are we done?”

“No, baby.” I said, with a little light heartedness in my voice. 

We let her lie down for a while and had her eat some cookies.  We put a cool towel on her neck and head.  After about 40 minutes, she felt better.

The second attempt was done while she was still lying on the sofa.  One of the nurses prayed with Sierra.  Very cool.

I asked her question after question trying to distract her.  My thought process was that if she was talking to me, she wasn’t holding her breath.

It worked!  They were able to successfully collect the samples they needed!

“Oh, that wasn’t bad,” Sierra said.  Sheesh!  LOL

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