Pageant Results –part 1

We showed up to the welcome luau on Sat night. The girls were pretty nervous, but excited at the same time. Since Sierra had been in a pageant before, she new a little bit more about what the weekend would entail. Sienna was full of energy.

We sat down after checking in. I scanned the room. The other girls in their category looked so much more mature than Sierra and Sienna. I just hoped they would treat Sienna well.

Everyone stood up, introduced themselves and announced their title. Sierra was actually a bit shy. Sienna stood up and introduced herself without hesitation. In saw a few people skew their faces as if they were thinking, “How old is she?”

We played some icebreaker games. The girls were having a good time. Many of the contestants asked about the girls. They said things like, “How old are you?”, “Oh, you’re twins?” They were very polite with their questions and most of the girls were very gracious.

We received our instructions for the next day and headed home.

We packed our bags for the pageant. The girls already had all their outfits laid out. We had their interview outfit, fun fashion outfit and their evening wear. The girls were exhausted and immediately fell asleep to my surprise. I figured they would be too excited to sleep.

We woke up bright and early on Sun morning, got ready, loaded the stuff in the car and headed off.

First on the agenda for the morning: rehearsal for the opening act. Then it was time to run through their walks for each outfit. I could tell that Sierra was taking a little time warming up, but Sienna was owning the stage and was loving every minute of it.

They dismissed us for lunch and it was time to change into the interview outfits. Sienna wore one of her favorite pink dresses and Sierra wore her favorite purple dress.

We ran through their interview monologues a few more times. Sierra had hers memorized quite well, but was nervous as she was #1. Sienna was #2.

Sierra went into the interview room where she had 1 minute all to herself with the judges. She came out about 20 seconds later. Eeks. She said it went well and that she remembered her speech, but that she went too fast and that they didn’t ask her any questions.

Sienna took a deep breathe and went in the room. She came out about 40 seconds later. She said she had to start over on her speech, but that she did well after that.

That was it for the time being. We had two hours until the pageant started, so we went to eat and rest before it was go-time. 🙂

——Come back soon to read about the actual pageant. 🙂

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