Pagaent Results–part 2

We still had a little down time before we needed to get ready.  Sienna fluttered from one group of girls to the next.  She was the very definition of a social butterfly.  She even got a few videos of her own.  Looking back over the moments she captured on camera were quite entertaining.  The angle was pretty funny, too, since she’s so much shorter than everyone else.

Sierra had made a couple of really good friends, too.  So, she was engaged in conversation.

4:00–time to get ready for show time!

We went to the dressing room and began working on makeup.  Sierra was up first.  We finished her makeup in no time and curled her hair.  She was already in the black dress she needed to wear for the opening number.  It was a sparkly, off the shoulder dress with beads that moved with every step she took.  She loved it.  I have to admit; she looked great.

Sienna’s makeup is pretty easy.  She has such a small face, so it doesn’t take long to put it on. 🙂 The hard part is eyeliner.  She can’t close her eyes without squinting, so it’s too hard to make a smooth line.  She looked marvelous.  Her black dress was also sparkly.  It required some adjustments.  It was a size 6, but it was very big along the trunk.  We got it pinned up and she was ready to go.

The opening number seemed to go out with relatively little hitches.  Sierra was a bit sad because the mic had cut out a bit during the part she was supposed to sing.  She got over it, though.  As they say, “The show must go on.”

It was time to quickly go back to the dressing room and change into Fun Fashion Wear.  Sierra had chosen a purple and black stripped shirt with a layered look, a jean skirt and black leggings with some cute black flats.  She topped off the outfit with a sassy fidora.

Sienna’s outfit was sort of similar.  We almost didn’t get her shoes on in time, but thanks to some help from one of the pageant ambassadors, she was dressed and ready to rock it!  She wore her hair in a ponytail and had added a pink extension in her ponytail.  She wore a pink top with a sparkly crown, a jean skirt, black leggings with sparkles on the bottom and sparkly Sketchers.  Yes, lots of sparkle.   According to Sienna, “Sparkles are the new black.”

Sierra was up first.  She walked out on the stage a bit shy, but still confident.  She had practiced what poses she wanted to do at each stopping mark.  I think she worked it pretty well. 🙂

Sienna was up next.  She had practiced, as well, but Sienna’s pretty much a do-whatever-comes-to-my-head kinda girl.  She walked that catwalk with attitude.

Next we quickly had to switch into evening wear.   We touched up Sierra’s curls and took Sienna’s hair down.  The girls were quite confident walking in their heels.  They had been practicing.  They even went so far as to sweep the floors while wearing heels. LOL Yup, they’re totally my girls!

Sierra looked so grown up in her pink dress and gold, sparkly heels.  Sienna did, too.

The evening wear walk was to be a slower walk demonstrating poise and grace.  Sierra carried off her walk nicely.  She got down to the end of the catwalk.  It was time for her on-the-spot question.  She was asked to name who inspires her and why.  I was very touched by her answer (completely unrehearsed).  She said, “My mom and dad.  They always encourage me to do things and encourage me to follow my dreams.”  Wow.  Love it!

Sienna’s walk was a little less flowing, but enthusiastic for sure. 🙂  She was asked to name a special talent.  Since Sienna loves to dance, she said “dancing.”  He asked her if she had a particular song that she liked to dance to, but she said she didn’t have one.  She was very cute.

Finally, it was time to hear the judges results.

They first announced the pageant-wide awards.  Sierra won the Community Service Award!  She was shocked.  We don’t really take notice of community services we do.  We just do them.  So, she wasn’t expecting to get recognition.

Then it was time for the Miss Congeniality announcement….drum roll…..”Sienna Bernal!”  She was so surprised to hear her name.  She ran up on stage (as gracefully as possible) to have her sash draped across her.

She sauntered down the catwalk waving to the crowd and blowing kisses.  She was such a hoot!

Although they took 4th and 3rd runners up, they were pleased with how they did.  They had a blast and hope to do it again.  I was very proud of them.

Daddy brought them flowers.  It was a sweet ending to a fun day.


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