Schedule Pick Up

Today was a big day. Schedule pick up day!

The girls got dressed and wanted to wear their new tennis shoes.

We gathered their paperwork and shot records. (yes, Sierra passed out after her shots)

We sat down at one of the tables in the back to make sure I had signed everything. Right away a staff member walked up and said, “You must be Sierra and Sienna.”. Not sure how she knew. We had never met her before, but they’ve clearly discussed the girls. That seemed like a good sign.

We walked straight to the line for “B” last names. I was very impressed at how quickly we made it through the line. We were handed their schedules. Sierra was pleased with hers–except it looks like she and Sienna have the same History class. They’ve yet to be in a class together, so we’ll see how that goes. Then we headed for the Athletic line. We registered Sierra for Athletics and paid her Athletic fee. (Volleyball tryouts are Monday!)

Then we headed to the PE line to get Sienna’s PE clothes….yea….those weren’t going to work. They told me I could get her some matching clothes on my own since they didn’t have anything that would fit her. I went ahead and got the t-shirt anyway, because I didn’t want her to be the only kid without a school PE shirt. I’ll just have to do some modifications to it.

The Special teacher was there so we got to meet her. She went through Sienna’s schedule with me. Uh oh. Looks like Sienna was not mainstreamed as much as I thought she was going to be. Also, she wasn’t scheduled for theatre or choir–the two things she specifically wanted. They had her in Special Art.

It was off to meet with the counselor. She was very nice. She said she remembered seeing those requests on Sienna’s paper, but had to go with what was written on the ARD (annual review) instructions. We walked together to the Head of the Special department. She said we can certainly include Sienna in more “regular” classes. She suggested including choir like Sienna wanted and she even suggested Dance rather than Adapted PE. I was very pleased with those suggestions.

Wow. That seemed pretty easy…not what I expected. 🙂

Next on the list: Locating lockers and classrooms.

We were hoping Sienna wouldn’t be assigned a top locker. We walked to the very end of the hallway where their lockers were. Sierra had a top locker and Sienna’s was right below it. Yes! We practiced unlocking them. When Sienna opened hers she said, “Man, I could fit in this!” So, she did. She turned around and sat in her locker. She wouldn’t let me close the door though. Hee hee

We found the classrooms pretty easily. As we were walking around, I noticed Sienna was getting overlooked pretty easily. I said, “Sinny, you just might have to walk around with your arms up so people can see you. Haha”

We said “hi” to a few of their friends and headed out the door. School starts shortly. We’ll see how this goes…. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Schedule Pick Up

  1. I am so glad you had a good day! Tell the girls good luck! We have spent the day at the college. Brad thought he had everything in line only to find out he has the wrong math book and his recording class may be cancelled do to lack of interest 😦 We did like you sat down looked at the schedule found alternative Art and Theatre classes. Bri is taking Sign Language this semester. The college atmosphere has been sooooo much better for them than high school! Keep the spirit guys!

    Love from Illinois,
    The Jordans

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