Off to a busy start

It’s only Tuesday and it seems like we’ve had enough activity that it should be Thursday.

Sierra’s volleyball season is off to a great start. We’ve already had the parent meeting and we’re looking forward to her first game.

They’ve already both been working on projects. Sienna tried to do her poster all by herself. I was glad she was attempting it without any help, but when I saw the final product, I couldn’t let her bring it to school. It wasn’t her best work, for sure.

So, she and I talked about how she could have done it differently and decided we would work on it together.

Sienna had her first Hip Hop class. She was a bit nervous since she had never gone to this dance school before. We walked in and only the staff members talked to us. I was pretty frustrated with the moms there. They acted like they didn’t even see us. Of course we don’t want people to stare, but why couldn’t they have said hi and tried t make us feel welcome?

Luckily I quickly discovered that those moms were waiting for their daughters in the earlier class. Yay. As Sienna’s class filtered in, one little girl said, “Hi, Sienna!” that was like music to my ears. It turns out that little girl eats lunch with Sierra, so she knew who Sienna was and treated her like any other kid.

I watched Sienna through the classroom window as she danced. She was having a good time. I had a nice visit with that one girl’s mom. Very good. πŸ™‚

When class was over, Sienna said she had a blast and that she couldn’t wait to go back. She said the girls were nice to her and treated her like normal. Awesome!

Next up…choir meeting, volleyball practice, tutoring and football…School is definitely back in session. πŸ™‚

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