Open House Exhaustion

The girls had their open house recently and boy was that exhausting.

I certainly didn’t think about the logistics of navigating both of the girls’ schedules solo since dad was out if commission with a broken foot. I should have worn more comfortable shoes. Sheesh!

Walking into the crowded cafeteria, I quickly realized this would be exhausting. We listened to the principal’s speech where she clarified some of the new rules and described how the night’s event would play out.

I walked over to the Schedule Table to get copies of the girls’ schedules. The volunteer handed me their schedules and several papers…and chuckled. I guess she knew what I was in for.

We had 10 minutes in each class, so I was going to spend a few minutes in one kid’s class then scamper to the other kid’s class. Easy, right? Lol

The bell rang…time for First period. As I walked into the class, I warned the teacher that I would be leaving early to make it to another class. I quickly jotted down information I needed and moved on the the next class. At the end of that class, I introduced myself to the teacher, explained why I was late in entering her class and moved on to the next one.

Each period proceeded in the same manner. I flip flopped between which girl’s class I would visit first depending on its location. Sounds pretty simple, right? Yea…

It turns out that their classes are on almost polar opposite sides of the school at any given time. When the evening was over, I was certainly hungry, grateful I had skipped my workout that day and had blisters on my feet. I wouldn’t have missed it, though, and would do it again if needed. 🙂