Karaoke Night

Last Friday, Sienna had Karaoke Night for her choir. I was curious to see her interact with her new Jr High peers, so I went along.

For a while, she clung to one of the other students who was also in special classes with her. After about an hour, she warmed up a bit and started doing the line dances with the rest of the students. It was very cute. I couldn’t really see her among the other kids, so I just watched for her feet. Hee hee

I gave her the camera and encouraged her to be a social butterfly and visit with her friends and take pictures. She took many pictures, but rushed right over to show me the picture she took with a “super cute” boy who gave her a hug. He even asked her to dance with him later on in the evening. 🙂

Each student had their opportunity to be the center of attention and sing their song of choice. It was obvious that some students already had a nice sized “fan base” because students would gather near the microphone to listen and dance along with the student as they sang. Some had larger gatherings than others, but it seemed as though each student enjoyed their time up front.

The most nerve wracking and exciting time was when Sienna’s name was called to do her song. She was out of breath from having just done a line dance, but she ran right up to the microphone and began to sing her song without hesitation.

Every single student there circled around her and listened intently to her singing. They didn’t even chatter to themselves. Some even had their phones out recording her. (Not so sure how I felt about that, but it seemed to come from awe rather than negative amusement.)

She got a huge round of applause and was quite proud of herself. Was she always on tune? Did she sing the song perfectly? No, but she was enthusiastic, very confident and had tons of fun. It was awesome. 🙂

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