March of Dimes

From Sienna’s mom:  I know a thing or two about premature babies. Having twins early and being told that one of them had a 10% chance of living, I know how valuable the NICU is and how necessary it is to continue discovering ways to help mothers carry their babies to term.

I’ve joined up with some other amazing ladies to form a team to walk at the March of Dimes fundraising walk.

You can help us in our efforts by either joining our team if you’re local or donating towards our team goal.

Click here to view our team page.

Thank you in advance!


Winter Dance

The girls have their Winter Dance tonight at school.  It’s not a dance where you ask a date, rather you go and just have a good time with everyone.

Sienna came home from school very excited about the dance.  She wanted to wear a very pretty dress.  Although, I had been told that it was a casual dance and that most children wouldn’t be dressing up.  So, we made our way through her closet and picked out a cute sweater dress with leggings and her sparkle shoes.  It was a nice compromise.

She was a little bummed about not having a “date” to the dance, but she was excited that her friends were going.

Sierra decided she didn’t want to go.  She was tired and just wanted a break. (This was the first week of track practice, so she was a little worn out.)

I asked Sienna if she still wanted to go since she usually wants Sierra there with her.  Surprisingly, she still wanted to go.

Sierra wanted to help Sienna get ready, though.  Sierra did Sienna’s makeup and curled her hair.

After about 20 minutes, we were on our way to the dance.  Sienna excitedly ran to the door and confidently went right in.

I was nervous.  Was she going to get made fun of?  Was she going to act too childish and not being able to “hang” with the other teens?

Two hours later, it was time to pick her up.  As I was pulling up towards the doors, I was a few cars back in the “pick up” line and could see her.  She was over towards the corner talking with a very tall young man and a sweet-looking young lady.  They seemed to be having a nice time.

She hoped in the car with a huge smile.  She said she had a great time.  I chuckled, though, as she said it was gross when the couples were dancing.

I asked her if she danced a lot.  She said she danced most of the time and got to do some of her favorite dances like The Wobble.  I must admit, she does The Wobble really well, so I’m sure she certainly entertained.

I was thrilled that she had a good time.  I’m sure Sierra will get the details from the dance when she goes back to school on Monday.  Sierra always gets the scoop. 🙂