Grown Up Little Girls

So, I caught the first half of ABC’s The Revolution a week or so ago.  They were discussing how much reality show is affecting tweens and teens lately.

I know that society’s views of modest dress have evolved throughout the years, but what they’re seeing that’s a bit different than before is that the more adult dressing style is being donned by younger and younger girls.

Girls are showing more skin than ever which is especially concerning considering girls are developing earlier than ever before.  They feel like women, they’re starting to look like women, so they want to dress like women.

As we walk down the halls of the mall, I see young girls around 8-years-old dressing like 16-year-olds.  It’s not hard to see why.  The stores are full of grown-up like options.  One clothing store was recently controversial because of the push-up bras for tweens.  I’m not really sure what the store was thinking with that choice.

How are we to guide our young girls to dress appropriately?  How are we to teach them about how their dress affects how they’re perceived?

For me personally, though, I’m actually a bit glad that some of these options are available for us.

As a 13-year-old Primordial Dwarf, Sienna isn’t the same size as other 13-year-olds.  She is tired of having to wear clothes styled for a 7-year-old.  Sometimes she even has to wear clothes that are size 2T in the instance of skirts and athletic shorts.

So, for us, more grown up clothing for younger girls is a plus.  We’ve even been able to find high heels for her!  As Sienna gets older and it is age-appropriate for her to wear these more mature styles, I’m going to be glad they’re available so we don’t have to have custom-made clothes.

Do you have a young daughter who wants to dress older?  How do you handle it?