Choir Field Trip!

The long awaited choir field trip to Fiesta Texas finally arrived.  Sienna had been to Fiesta Texas once before and remembered having a great time with the family, so she was ecstatic when she learned that was where they would be going after their final choir competition.

Sienna knew you had to have the proper behavior and proper grades in order to go, so she made sure she would make the cut.

She had the grades, the proper conduct marks, the heavily altered choir dress and she was ready for the field trip!!

We checked in at the school super early at 5:00 a.m. to catch the buses.

Sienna walked into the choir room and was greeted with “Hey, Sinny!” & “Sinny!” It was nice to see her greeted with such enthusiasm.

The seats on the bus were assigned, so everyone took their seats.  Sienna was a couple rows in front of my husband and me.  She looked super cute with her feet dangling off the seat.  She played on her tablet and engaged in conversation with those around her.

Once we arrived at the location for the choir competition, the kids quickly raced to the changing rooms to change into their concert attire.

Sienna was a bit shy in the changing room and chose to change in the corner.

One of the other girls sweetly offered to braid Sienna’s hair.  She did a wonderful job, too!  Sienna looked so pretty in her dress with her hair braided back.

They did a wonderful job during the concert.  They actually got such a good ranking that they won the overall award and took home a super big trophy!

After the competition, it was time for Fiesta Texas!!

The kids were instructed to get into groups of no less than 3 and check in a pre-determined times.

I was worried (and I think Sienna was worried, too) that Sienna would get “stuck hanging with her parents” the whole time rather than spending time with friends.

That wasn’t the case!  An amazing couple of girls gladly paired up with Sinny!  Bonus! The mom who was with them was fun to hang with, so it was great for us, too.

We grabbed some food first and then it was time to hit the rides!

This is where I thought it would get really tricky.  Sienna’s usually not tall enough to ride the regular rides and certainly doesn’t weigh enough to securely fit into most of the chairs.  I was afraid the other girls would get frustrated.

They didn’t!  I was so impressed with them!  They politely took turns doing rides suited for Sienna and games she could do and Sienna and I waited for them when they did rides she couldn’t’ do.

It was fantastic!

Those girls treated Sienna just like any other classmate.  Not once did they make her feel bad for not being able to do the big rides.  The major thing that impressed me was that they didn’t treat her like a baby and they weren’t patronizing!!

What amazing children!

I wish all children shared the same “blinders” as those girls!!


Cheerleading Woes

So, I’m faced with a dilemma and I’m looking for honest opinions to help me process my decision.

Sienna has dreamed of being a cheerleader for years.  Because of her obvious size difference and physical limitations from being a Primordial Dwarf, I’ve always been hesitant.  The last thing I want to see is her being the “flyer” of the team.  Which, I’m sure she would inevitably be.  (I admit, that’d be awesome to see if I were an on-looker.)  I know there are other dwarfs who are cheerleaders, but the ones I know have had gymnastics training and Sienna has not.  In addition, those dwarfs do not have a learning disability that I know of.

As she’s gotten older, the delay in her cognitive and emotional development is becoming more apparent.  So, I also wasn’t quite sure if she was mature enough to handle cheering with girls her own age.

However, there are times that she grasps such deep concepts that I challenge any adult to be able to master.

Many things with her are a mystery.

So, here’s the situation.

Sienna came home from school a few weeks ago with a flyer for a Special-Needs Cheerleading class.  She enthusiastically handed me the flier while exclaiming, “It’s cheap, too!”  I couldn’t help but chuckle as she has learned that Mom is quite frugal.

She was right.  It was cost-sensitive (as opposed to many cheerleading programs) and the times the class meets fit well within our schedule.  So, I e-mailed the director for a bit more information.

I felt confident about the director and the program and was willing to give it a shot.

I took Sienna to the first class.  She was so ecstatic.  She was a bit nervous, but went right in.

The cheer helpers and director were fabulous.  It seemed like a wonderful establishment…but I was still hesitant.

On the way home, Sienna said, “I can’t believe I’m an actual cheerleader!”

You’re probably asking, “What’s the dilemma?”

I’m known for shooting for challenges…For not settling for easy…For not allowing “handicaps” to be excuses…For pushing people (including my kids) to be nothing than their absolute best.

So, by allowing Sienna to be in a modified cheerleading class, am I saying to Sienna that she’s not capable of being in a non-modified cheerleading class when we haven’t even tried a non-modified class?

Looking at safety and actual physical capabilities, I know Sienna would be best in the modified class, but does that feed her spirit?

If she goes into the non-modified class and can’t keep up with the other girls, is she going to get even more frustrated?

Being pretty unfamiliar with cheerleading, I have to guess on what to expect.  So far I’m leaning towards checking into enrolling her into a younger aged class that might closely match her physical abilities, but will challenge her to keep up with those who are more advanced than she is.  However, putting her around younger girls isn’t going to inspire her to mature.

Now do you see why I’m stuck?  Do I put her in the modified class and allow her to help the others and be a leader in the class; do I put her in a younger aged class to test it out; or do I put her in something else altogether? (I’ve always tried to get her to opt for the dance team rather than cheerleading, but she doesn’t seem too excited about that alternative.)