We had the pleasure of attending a gifting suite at The Golden Globes this past weekend in Hollywood!

It was so much fun!  We met several celebrities, had our pictures taken with them and enjoyed showing them Sienna’s Locket.  They loved it!

Sienna was so excited that we found some cute high heels for her to wear!  Unfortunately, though, it was a lot colder there than we thought it was going to be when we packed our clothes. Sienna was freezing!!

After the gifting suite, we had a book signing and Sierra had her LA singing debut that night!

One thing I did notice while we were in LA was that so many of the sinks in the restrooms were so high–even the soap and towel dispensers.  I’ve put the places we visited on my list of places to contact about my Equal Restroom Access for Little People Movement.  I was quite surprised the restrooms weren’t more accommodating.  LA seems like such an aware place where they’re very sensitive to making sure accommodations are made for people with special needs.  So, I was very surprised.

The people we met with were so excited about the message Sienna’s Locket is spreading.  Everyone is looking forward to the second book in the series!!