Sienna, nicknamed Sinny, was born in Texas
weighing only 1 lb, 7.3 oz.  She is one of the less than 200 known Primordial Dwarfs in the world.  She’s even more rare because she’s
a twin.

A Primordial Dwarf with a twin is practically unheard of–ever! 
At 13 years old, she weighs 38 lbs.She also has another rare condition, called Dandy Walker.
Doctors originally deducted that she would be a vegetable
and would not have a normal life.  She is living proof,
that all things are possible with God!

Also, look for the Sinny-Size Series of children’s books based
on Sienna’s adventures.  They take you through colorful adventures where Sienna discovers the great things that come from being different.  Click

here to order at a great price!Sienna’s Family
Sienna lives in Texas with her dad, mom, twin sister Sierra and 17-year-old brother.

You can visit her website, too! www.livinglifesinnysized.com

Don’t forget to purchase her book, Sienna’s Locket.  Available on Barnes and Noble’s website or at a local bookstore near you.


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