Sinny-Sized Book Series

Sinny-Sized Series: A children’s book series that teaches kids they are perfectly made–just the way they are!

In Sienna’s world, things seem a little bigger than they do to most others because she is “Sinny Sized.” Sienna’s Life is full of adventures that only she can solve because she is just the right size for every situation!

This new series by Chrissy Bernal, brings to life the everyday experiences of her daughter born with Primordial Dwarfism, a unique characteristic that less than 200 people worldwide share!

Born with an average height twin sister named Sierra, the girls along with their dog Dozer, find themselves in remarkable situations that only Sienna is able to solve.

This series will bring laughter and compassion to the reader as they learn that everyone is created different and special. This uniqueness is what makes us who we are.


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