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Camp Blessing


Sienna spent her first week at an overnight camp this week.

I was a little nervous.  She was excited.  The camp is a camp for special children and one of her good friends was going to be there.

We packed up her suitcase.  I, being the somewhat retentive person I am, packed her clothes in separate Ziploc bags and labeled them by day.

As we drove to the camp, Sienna couldn’t stop smiling and talking about the things she thought they might do.

Sienna squeeled as we pulled up to the gate of the campgrounds.  We checked her in at the main house and they took us to her cabin.

It was a very cute cabin that she would be sharing with 11 other girls.  We got her bed ready and headed to tell Sienna goodbye.  (Sienna had already seen her friend and had taken off to be with her.)

I felt very confident.  Each camper was assigned their own counselor.

All week I was sure that I would get a call.  Nope. No call.  Sienna was apparently doing fine at camp. 

The house was very quiet compared to when she’s home.  It was weird to not have her incessant signing around the house. 🙂

Finally the day came to pick her up from camp.  Sierra and I drove to the camp and found a seat in the house where they would give out camper awards and show a video of the week’s activities.

Looking around, you could see that the counselors genuinely loved being with these children.  Their eyes sparkled just as brightly as the eyes of the special children around them.

They gave out awards to each camper and gave a brief, but touching description of why they were given a particular award.  Each camper was excited to hear their name being called.  There was joy in the room and you couldn’t help but notice that every camper was happy–no matter what special need they had.

Sienna received the Most Confident award. I chuckled.  That award isn’t too much of a surprise. Haha

I got to see the video of the activities they did.  They swam, fished, did archery, rock climbing, horseback riding…They even did a Zip Line. 

Being surrounded by all those special campers with such enormous hearts and joyous spirits was an experience that everyone should be able to experience.  It reinforces that life is what you make of it, not what it’s made of you.

Travel Woes

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As Sienna gets older, the need for adaptive seating gets trickier.  She currently is in a toddler carseat in our personal vehicle.  However, at school she has been required to ride the Special Bus.  She earned a field trip to a destination about an hour away from her school.  At first, we were having issues with the school wanting her to ride the regular bus with the rest of the kids.  I, of course, was concerned for her safety.  However, riding in the Special Bus would have put her riding the entire time by herself.  We came up with a great solution.  She is going to ride the regular bus and will be using a 5-point harness.  She is very excited to be riding with the other kids for the first time!!