While Sierra has done local pageants in the past, Sienna hasn’t. She has always wanted to.

It’s been difficult trying to decide what to do about it. On one hand, I was afraid that I would set Sienna up for “failure”. I could be wrong, but I couldn’t recall a little person winning a “regular” pageant. While on the other hand, Sienna has more confidents, more joy and more enthusiasm than arguably most other people.

When someone approached us about a local pageant. I was faced with actually making a decision. After looking at the history of this pageant and establishing the dress requirements (strictly age appropriate), I reminded myself that I’m always telling her to shoot for the moon. So, I decided to let them go for it!

We spent this last weekend hunting for dresses. Finding an age appropriate fancy dress for an almost 13-year-old in a size children’s 6 is a little trickier than I thought–well, without breaking the bank. I think we went to literally 15 stores. We finally found something that we could dress up enough with jewelry to make it work.

She came out of the dressing room with a huge, sassy smile on her face. She was very pleased. It had a slim cut and a sassy dress bottom that had the “swoosh factor”. (the ability to swoosh when you twist back and forth.)

Sierra’s was easy to find. The first place we looked brought us success. We even found it on sale! Now that prom is over, all the Jr’s dresses are on sale.

Now it was on to shoes. This has always been a challenge for Sienna. Trying to find “big girl” shoes is not that easy–again, I clarify that it’s not that easy to find them at a descent price point.

As we’re walking in the mall, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a kiosk with sparkle shoes that were designed just like “big girl” shoes. We chose a black pair of high heels–yes, I said high heels! They have rhinestones on them, too. Although, I felt these shoes were completely inappropriate for “regular” children wearing this size shoe, I was quite grateful for them.

We found Sierra’s shoes pretty easily and even found these on sale, as well. I was feeling like this was one heck of a successful shopping trip!

The girls have been walking around the house in their heels trying to break them in. They even swept in them. Haha

So, we’ve been practicing interview questions and walking and having fun preparing for it.

We’ll see how it goes. Yes, the girls are essentially competing against each other and we’ve talked about it. They are just looking forward to doing it together and having fun.

Pictures and results to come! 🙂